Window for Ice Storage Tank

Hydrosight just finished a underwater viewing window. The window will be used in an Ice Storage Tank in the basement of a building in Hamburg, Germany. The building will be used as a student residence for the nearby university. Our client, HochTief AG, is the largest construction company in Germany. About the window: The medium… Read more »

Underwater Window for a Fish Ladder

Underwater windows can be utilized in rivers to observe migration of fish. Pump stations nowadays need to be fish friendly. This can be achieved by building a fish ladder. A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass or fish steps, is a structure around dams to facilitate fishes’ migration. Typically, the observation windows… Read more »

Wave Pool

The Fraunhofer Institute vor Marine Biotechnology with its 100 staff members should move to a new site early 2015. The new building will be in the center of the Lübeck university campus. The Fraunhofer-Institute will be build according to Berlin architects Müller-Reimann. Aquaria and wave pools will be part of the complex. Hydrosight is involved… Read more »

Flat Screen Television Casing for Underwater Use

This is an ESA (European Space Agency) related project. Experimental and new design projects are listed under the category underwater engineering . Here are some other example projects: [catlist name=underwater-engineering excludeposts=this]

Iceland Glacial Water Tank Underwater Windows

The comunity of Hafnaforjdur in Island was Hydrosight’s customer in 2009. Meltwater, that originated by a nearby glacier, was to be stored in a reservoir. The 16m diameter construction is completely cladded with stainless steel. 2 Underwater windows were installed by Hydrosight on different water levels. They are used by technicians to check the optical… Read more »