Submarine Windows for University

Hydrosight is sponsoring the University Rhine-Waal in Kleve‘s Ocean Technology group, financially, but also technically. Together with a partner Hydrosight plans to deliver the curved dome submarine window, for its latest experimental submarine INIA. Update The submarine has been sucessfully used in the subrace competition in GB in the summer of 2014.

Glass-bottom Windows for an Egyptian Cruise Ship

This cruise vessel is one of two cruise vessels built by Tornado Marine. Between 2011 and 2012 Hydrosight delivered and partly installed the underwater windows for these vessels. More than 100 Hydrosight underwater windows are installed in total on the shipyard in Suez, Egypt.

Touristic Semi Submarine

Wherever Semi-Submarines are deployed they become a great attraction and a must-have-done for visitors. The area deployed needs good underwater visibility and can be anywhere in tropical, moderate or cold waters. A great experience – only compared to scuba diving – can be obtained. Semi-submarines are submersibles, which have the capability of diving just like… Read more »