News and Examples

Aggadir, Marokko

Pascal van Empel, IMS, installing a Hydrosight Pool Window in Morocco last week.

Glass-bottom Windows for an Egyptian Cruise Ship

This cruise vessel is one of two cruise vessels built by Tornado Marine. Between 2011 and 2012 Hydrosight delivered and partly installed the underwater windows for these vessels. More than 100 Hydrosight underwater windows are installed in total on the shipyard in Suez, Egypt.

Underwater Disco

This Hydrosight project involved an array of 4 underwater windows. Hydrosight placed these windows in Summer 2012 in Madrid, Spain, for a private customer. The windows link the pool with a fully equipped disco in the basement of the building.Matching with the white marmor finish to come, the windows were given a white framing.

Underwater Porthole

This underwater porthole will be installed in a private villa. It seperates two bodies of water – a fish pont outside and a swimming pool inside. The reader might well know, that fresh water fish don’t like chlorinated water, while some people find a fish pont too dirty to swim in. Again, Hydrosight had the… Read more »

Flat Screen Television Casing for Underwater Use

This is an ESA (European Space Agency) related project. Experimental and new design projects are listed under the category underwater engineering . Here are some other example projects: [catlist name=underwater-engineering excludeposts=this]

The Lofoten Aquarium, North Norway

Lofoten is an archipelago of islands off the coast of Norway. Even so we havn’t found any information on this, it must be one of the Northern most settlements in the world. It is popular with tourists crossing into the arctic circle. The rich fishing grounds were always vital for the islanders, so they set… Read more »

Open Top Pool Windows

A project in 2010 took us to Moskow. A wealthy client was building his private spa and required our underwater windows. The glazing should be 12m wide and 1,4m heigh. As it is difficult to have very wide open top windows Hydrosight subsectioned into 4 windows of 3m by 1,4m. In between concrete columns hold… Read more »

Iceland Glacial Water Tank Underwater Windows

The comunity of Hafnaforjdur in Island was Hydrosight’s customer in 2009. Meltwater, that originated by a nearby glacier, was to be stored in a reservoir. The 16m diameter construction is completely cladded with stainless steel. 2 Underwater windows were installed by Hydrosight on different water levels. They are used by technicians to check the optical… Read more »

Epilogue to Dr. Stachiw

As I just heard the news I feel obliged to write a little epilogue on the man whose literature has been irreplaceable for our work. I was fortunate to get to know him a little when I tried to involve him in the Poseidon Resorts. Dr. Stachiw is survived by his wife, his two sons and… Read more »

Oceanographic Museum Opened

The Baltic port of Stralsund is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The new Oceanographic Museum is to be built on the waterfront of the historic city center. The proposed design for the new museum is an open structure literally flooded from all sides by both people and light, similar to the way that the stones… Read more »

Underwater Observatory

“No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.” Jacques I. Cousteau Natural Underwater Beauty is hard to observe. Normally you would need to… Read more »

9 ton Plastic Window for Malaysia

Far from Malaysia’s booming peninsular, in the remote eastern province of Sabah, the city of Kota Kinabalu is becoming one of Asia’s tourist hotspots. Kota Kinabalu, called KK by most locals, has lots of interesting sites, most notably its world class diving with many top dive spots. Presumably in the year 2008 an other attraction… Read more »

Hydrosight Acrylic Windows Deployed in Thailand

Tigers do like to swim – as can be observed in Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand. HKS and Hydrosight just finished most of the work for a wildlife show demonstrating these big cats in the wet element. This presentation of the swimming animals will be for locals and international visitors alike – HKS… Read more »

Poseidon Resorts: How to build an Underwater Hotel

The Poseidon Resorts are offering dining and overnight stays on a lovely tropical island near Fidji. That wouldn’t be too unusual if you would leave out the following fact: The resorts are located on the ground of the islands lagoon in somewhat 20m (60ft) depth.      Visitors are able to spend a great deal… Read more »

Touristic Semi Submarine

Wherever Semi-Submarines are deployed they become a great attraction and a must-have-done for visitors. The area deployed needs good underwater visibility and can be anywhere in tropical, moderate or cold waters. A great experience – only compared to scuba diving – can be obtained. Semi-submarines are submersibles, which have the capability of diving just like… Read more »

Largest Acrylic Aquarium in Cylindrical Shape

The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 14 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass fish tank with built-in transparent elevator. It is located in Berlin-Mitte, in the DomAquarée complex, which also contains a hotel, offices, a restaurant, and the aquarium Sea Life Center. The AquaDom was opened in December 2003. It cost about 12.8 million euros…. Read more »