adhesive flange

Divers Training Tank Pool Window

Here is a picture for the self supporting pool window. It will be used for divers training tank in Ireland. We hope Carlow Sub Aqua Divers will enjoy it.

New Window Design with optional Steel Blind

Hydrosight is constantly busy with inovating the market of underwater windows.Our latest improvement is the steel blind.Do not mix up the steel blind up with the steel frame. Nearly all our underwater windows have steel frames. The steel blind looks like a picture frame for the window block on the water side. It is totally… Read more »

Underwater Glazing Poland

This medium sized pool glazing is for the Polish company Calorex. Our happy customer had no problem to mount our ready-to-install underwater window. Happy customer => Happy Hydrosight.

Underwater Skylight in Florida

The pictures show one of our installations on the west coast of Florida. The owner of this residential villa has a swimming pool on the upper floor and needed some additional light for the room beneath the pool. For this underwater roof light his swimming pool builder proposed to contact Hydrosight in Germany. Hydrosight manufactures… Read more »

Pool Windows for Singapore Sports Hub

In 2013 Hydrosight fabricated 10 windows in total for the Singopore Sports Hub. The Singapore Sports Hub is a sports complex currently under construction in Kallang, Singapore. It features a 6,000-capacity Aquatics Centre complete with leisure facilities. Once again Hydrosight windows showed to be ready for the competitive East Asian market. Even in Olympic-size public… Read more »

Pool Window on Caribean Island

In June this year (2013) Hydrosight worked on the island Nevis, which is part of the caribean state St.Kitts and Nevis. The underwater window was installed in a pool of a private villa. This villa is part of the upscale developement Four Seasons Resort Estates. The window is of type “adhesive flange”. This type is… Read more »

Underwater Disco

This Hydrosight project involved an array of 4 underwater windows. Hydrosight placed these windows in Summer 2012 in Madrid, Spain, for a private customer. The windows link the pool with a fully equipped disco in the basement of the building.Matching with the white marmor finish to come, the windows were given a white framing.