Fixed Diameter Round Underwater Window

A brand new product range!

Past months we developed a series round underwater windows. Before this new series underwater windows with three different sizes: 320, 400, 650mm, we had only very expensive round windows. Now we simplified the production process of the window. We can make the windows now quicker, better and nicer. And they are not anymore so expensive but these round underwater windows are affordable for all!

Whether your pool is stainless steel, pool liner, tiled or any other, Hydrosight has the right window for you.

Technical Data about the 320/400/650 mm Windows

Adhesive Flange or tiled pool,

The window will be bolted onto the plain concrete wall to sit flush in its opening. You only see the acrylic because the stainless steel frame is in the wall. The opening in the wall is casted in a way that the window is leaning on it and therefore needs no extra support.

The waterproofing is applied onto the wall and the bordering window frame when the window is in the opening. The waterproofing comes in buckets and is applied several millimeters onto the wall, using seam tapes on critical corners.

Welded Flange or Stainless steel pool,

The window will be welded in a opening in the stainless steel wall from a pool. Depending on the finish of the surface of the pool walls we can deliver a K240 and a K320 surface finish for the windows. Important not is that these windows don´t have a structure on the backside. Mostly a pool builder will deliver a structure on the backside.

Pressure Flange or Vinyl liner pool.

A liner pool is built by excavating a hole, fitting a frame or shell and finishing with a flexible PVC membrane – the liner. The liner will be wedged between flange and underwater window, then screws tightened. We call this the Pressure Flange type. window with pressure flange for vinyl liner pools


glazing material: acrylic PMMA, monolithic cast, made in Germany

glazing thickness: 30 – 200mm, individually calculated for each product

tensile strength at 23 deg C: 80 MPa

optical transmittance: approx. 92%

UV transmission: no

Steel Frame

material: marine graded stainless steel 1.4404 or similar (comparable to 316L)

thickness: Circa 1.5mm. Because the frame is deep drawn the thickness is variable.

For Welded flange: surface finish k240 or k320 possible.


Shore A hardness: ~45 (CQP 023-1/ISO 868)

elongation at break: ~300% (CQP 036-1 ISO 3/)

dual control / double safety

factory tested, with certification on each window

fulfilling the following norms: EOTA ETAG 002, EN 13022 and ASTM C1184

Live Cycle: Warranty

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Created: 9 January 2017
Last Modified: 2 March 2017

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