Glass Bottom Pool

window at our workshop. This is the top side, as seen from the pool. The window will rest at the bottom of the pool

I would like to present a window my company  Hydrosight made for a customer in Israel in 2014.

The glass bottom window will rest at the bottom of the pool at approximately 70cm water depth. It is 200cm wide and 120 cm long. The window sits between the bottom of the pool and the top of the underlying room.

The customer required the acrylic bottom to sit flush with the ceiling. This is rather unusual, as the most customers require the window to sit flush with the pool bottom.

The window is installed as follows:

  1.  The window will be craned onto the ceiling support. The ceiling support consists of steel I-beams (also called double-T beams) and L-beams.
  2. The opening of the window – which is basically all of the room on top of the window glazing – will be filled with a Styrofoam block. This block is cut exactly to the clear view size of the window.
  3. Finally the concrete is poured. This concrete is the ground of the pool. Surrounding the window, the seam sheets are then fully covered by the concrete poured. The seam sheets are not just stainless sheet metal. They are coated with activated special components, which integrate the seam sheet in the concrete.

This way the window, its metal frame and the concrete make an inseparable bond, that can easily withstand the pools water load. Hydrosight is happy to present this quite unique glass bottom pool and thanks the customer for good cooperation.

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Created: 20 August 2014
Last Modified: 20 October 2014

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