Epilogue to Dr. Stachiw

one of Jerry Stachiws achievements was the creation of the underwater sphere

one of Jerry Stachiws achievements was the creation of the underwater sphere

As I just heard the news I feel obliged to write a little epilogue on the man whose literature has been irreplaceable for our work. I was fortunate to get to know him a little when I tried to involve him in the Poseidon Resorts.

Dr. Stachiw is survived by his wife, his two sons and four grandchildren, Christopher, Michael, Alexandra and Jacqueline.

 Dr. Jerry Stachiw, until his retirement from the U.S. Navy in 1994, was the Staff Scientist for Marine Materials in the Ocean Engineering Division of the Engineering Department at the Naval Ocean Systems Center in San Diego, CA. He received his undergraduate engineering degree from Oklahoma State University in 1955 and graduate degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1961.

Since that time he has devoted his efforts at various U.S. Navy Laboratories to the solution of challenges posed by exploration, exploitation, and surveillance of Hydrospace. The primary focus of his work has been the design and fabrication of pressure resistant structural components of diving systems for the whole range of ocean depths.

Because of his numerous achievements in the field of ocean engineering, he is considered to be the leading expert in the structural application of plastics and brittle materials to external pressure housings.

Dr. Stachiw is the author of over 100 technical reports, articles, and papers on design and fabrication of pressure resistant viewports of acrylic plastic, glass, germanium, and zinc sulphide, as well as pressure housings made of wood, concrete, glass, acrylic plastic, and ceramics. His book on Acrylic Plastic Viewports is the standard reference on that subject.

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Created: 26 December 2008
Last Modified: 13 October 2014

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