Pool glas wall for hotel in Italy

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Hydrosight just finished our works on a glass wall for a hotel pool.

About Hotel Albion

Hotel Albion is located in St.Ulrich/Orisey in South Tirol, Italy .Many thanks to the good cooperation and for kindly providing the photos. Please note that the photos are copyright protected by Hotel Albion.

More information on: www.albionhotel.net .

About the Pool

The hotel pool is exclusively made of stainless INOX steel. Visitors can enter the pool inside the building and swim to the outside part of the pool through automatic glass doors.

The infinity edge of the pool produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. The panorama of the nearby Dolomites is really stunning!

About the Pool Glass Wall

The far side of the hotel the pool wall is transparent. Viewers can see into the pool water and watch the swimmers doing their laps.

There is no support on the top of the glass wall. The glass is only attached on the sides and on the bottom. The top of the glass is totally horizontal, so that the pool water can flow evenly over the top edge. This gives the wall the impression of, well, vertical water.

The size of this pool glass is approximately 5m wide and 1m high. The window is made of durable material. The overflow wall is waterproof from both sides. It is strong enough not to bend by the water pressure. It does not yellow by the sun, nor mind the extreme temperatures of the Alpes. And: It is absolutely safe.

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Created: 1 July 2014
Last Modified: 17 October 2014

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