Underwater Windows


All our windows use Plexiglas™, which is of unique structural strength. The thickness of each window block is individually adapted to the water depth condition given by the client and might vary between 30 and 100mm. The material is manufactured according to ISO 7823-1:2003.

Stainless Steel

The window frame is made of marine grade stainless steel of type V4A / 316L and produced according to industrial quality standards. Its design leaves room for the window‘s thermal expansion, while maintaining absolute waterproofness between window block and wall.

Pressure Tested

Our reliable design and the years of experience make Hydrosight windows a safe solution for your project. Each window is protected by a double sealing and is individually pressure tested before shipped. Only Hydrosight underwater windows can guarantee the safety your project deserves. Hydrosight windows are rated IP68 (dust tight, build for continous immersion)

Your Project – our Challenge

Each architectural design and regional preferences calls for a highly adapted or individual solution. Hydrosight modular window design and automated engineering provides the product you need for a good price.

Wide Range of Shapes and Sizes

Hydrosight Manufacturing enables you to choose exactly the size you need for your project. You do not have to compromise on "what’s avaiable". You might want to check some of our standard dimensions.

Quality you can count on

When you choose for Hydrosight underwater windows you choose for quality. Our cutting edge engineering enables underwater windows previously not possible. Hydrosight brings you the confidence you need for your project. about Hydrosight