Underwater Windows

Window Shape

Possible window shapes are
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Open Top / 3 Sided A popular custom shape is the open top window. The open top window is attached to the pool wall on three sides only, while the top of the window glazing is unsupported. All custom shape windows must be installed by a Hydrosight fitter. They cannot be installed by a local builder.

Sizes and Dimensions

a clear view width (rectangular windows) or clear view diameter (round windows)
b clear view height for rectangular windows
h water height over window bottom
For rectangular windows Hydrosight recommends a and b to be in the range of 50cm and 280cm. For round windows Hydrosight recommends a to be in the range 50cm and 180cm. Larger Windows of 6m by 3m are possible, but need to be installed by Hydrosight.
a-b-h-rectangular window shape: rectangular a-h-round window shape: round blallallb a-b-h-open-top window shape: open top / 3 sideded support

Orientation of Window

vertical alignment Is the window situated in one of the pool walls?
horizontal alignment Is the window situated in the pool‘s bottom?

Type of Waterproofing

Whether your pool is stainless steel, pool liner, tiled or any other – Hydrosight has the right window for you. Sometimes you even have the choice between different window types. So you might be interested what these window types are and how they work. A liner pool is built by excavating a hole, fitting a frame or shell and finishing with a flexible PVC membrane – the liner. The liner will be wedged between flange and underwater window, then screws tightened. We call this window Vinyl Linered type.
Other pools are made primarily from concrete, eg “Gunite Pools”, or “Poured-concrete Pools”. These types of pools can be bare concrete or have some sort of finish. A tiled finish is quite popular.The window will be bolted onto the plain concrete wall to sit flush in its opening. Then the waterproofing is applied onto the wall and the bordering window frame. The waterproofing comes in buckets and is applied several millimeters onto the wall, using seam tapes on critical corners. The window you need for this is of type Tiled Pool.
Hydrosight Exposed Concrete  is our industrial type solution. This solution can be used in fair faced concrete tanks, as no tiling or additional waterproofing is needed. The Exposed Concrete Window requires your concrete tank to be made from impermeable concrete and according to the building requirements of impermeable concrete. The experienced concrete builder will have no problem embedding the underwater window into the concrete structures shutter work. As the concrete is casted and dried and the shutterwork removed, the window is already at its place ready and waterproof. Seam sheets and self expanding seals stop the water from being able to run from the wet to to the dry side of the window. This is an elegant and easy type of installation. However it is not suitable for renovated or existing pools or if the pool walls have been casted already. Also, exposed concrete type windows are higher priced then the other models.
Other types, like fibreglass pools, thin walled pools or stainless steel pools are less frequent. However there is a solution for most situations. Custom solutions can be offered on request.