Underwater Windows

scratch resistant

Scratch Resistance

Acrylic Panels are scratch resistant for withstanding pool cleaning.

Water Resistance

Each window is individually calculated to withstand the given water pressure. The maximum deflection is in accordance to general building law. Each window is double sealed, each seal itself is pressure tested. Customer receives test results.
uv resistant

Clearness / Aging

Our window blocks are virtually uneffected by aging. Neither the transparency nor the color of the glass will be visibly effected. Together with our supplier of Plexiglas we can give up to 30 years guaranty.
impact resistant

Impact Resistance

All Hydrosight products are designed to withstand impact additional to the water pressure
chemical resistant

Chemical Resistance

All Hydrosight glazing is resistant to chlorine levels in swimming pools and exposure to marine water. All other material (steel, sealing) is suitable for this environment.