Applications for Acrylic

Acrylic Blocks – as a versatile material – can be used in many fields for clear viewing. Here are some examples:


Windows for Swimming Pools / Diving Pools

Commonly used as an aid to swimming and diving instruction enabling coach to observe swimmers and divers in action. Underwater windows are now predominantly used for stylish private pool design. more…

Public Aquarium Windows

Acrylic is the ideal material for Aquarium Construction. Acrylic has been used for many years in building fish tanks, enabling Hydrosight to acquire good knowledge and experience in this sector. We offer Cylinder Aquariums, shaped walls and Acrylic Tunnels.


Acrylic Ship Windows

Our Ship windows can be used near the water line or even submerged. They are used for observing marine life but also for monitoring sea floor.


Submarine Windows

Hydrosight offers both custom cast Submarine Windows certified by a classification society of your choice and plain windows cut to size certified by German Lloyd.


Acrylic Architectural Glazing

Float glass – even tempered glass – is not meant to bear weight loads. Acrylic panels on the other hand can be used as structural elements in building architecture. Once installed acrylic has proven to retain its stability over several decennia.


Exhibition and Display Solutions

Thin acrylic sheet with a thickness of 10mm and less is commonly used for framing large works of art. For those that are to be shipped in their frames it is prudent to use acrylic glazing with UV filtration. Not only is acrylic lighter and therefore much easier to move around, it also protects the art from becoming damaged if the glazing breaks in transit. Large cell cast sheet of more than 2m x 3m used to be difficult to source. We now have them – they are cast to order just for your application. Hydrosight also offers cutting, coating and thermoforming.


Flood Windows

Some buildings are situated near rivers, lakes or oceans where the water level can change unpredictably. These buildings have to withstand the worst case floods, even so that might only happen once in a hundred years. We speak of a 100-year flood scenario. Windows below the waterline of a 100 year flood have to keep the water outside the building. Both wall and window have to be specifically engineered for this. They are part of what we call a Flood Defence System.


Acrylic Transparent Barriers

Yes, we all like to stand next to the cute Polar Bear and let our child press its nose against the Bears’ nose – provided that we are protected by Acrylic! We all have seen observation windows for aquatic and land dwelling animals. Sometimes these protective glazing give us impressions to memorize long time after. Curators of Zoos and wildlife parks value Hydrosight Transparent Barriers because of their enormous break resistance, while Hydrosight Transparent Barriers maintain a perfectly clear view – for both animal and visitor alike.


Rear Projection Screens

Semi-transparent displays, that are illuminated by a projector from the backside are often made from acrylic. This is especially the case for large and very large displays. Even spherical displays might be possible.