Here is a short summary of the way Hydrosight Underwater windows perform, especially regarding their unique stainless steel frame.

Installation Time

The Installation time of Hydrosight Windows is only a fraction of the time needed for conventional underwater windows. Depending of the type of window there is no or considerably less lag due to dry time of materials. There is no need for a water test / hydrotest.

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Ease of Installation

Hydrosight Windows do not need any special skills for installation. It enables any pool builder or construction company to install without external help. The windows can be installed with standard tools, using standard, well known materials. Any needed accessories are provided together with the windows. Detailed plans and instructions are available beforehand. A step-by-step manual is provided and you have email and telephone support.

Our windows do not demand top ideal conditions for operation. Tolerances in the concrete shell are acceptable and do not intervene with the functioning of the windows.

Installation manual for tiled pools.

How to Install?

Safety and Durability

Hydrosight windows do avoid common pitfalls with non standard materials. Underwater window seals are known to fail over time when combined with traditional GFP-Waterproofing. Hydrosight stainless steel frames virtually last forever. Combined with industrial grade tank coating this product beats all predecessors in terms of safety and life time. All Hydrosight windows are factory tested. A certificate is supplied with each window.

Hydrosight windows are shatter-proof, so the risk of damage while on transport or during installation is negligible.
Hydrosight windows are rated IPX8 (suitable for permanent underwater pressure). The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water. The depth is specified by Hydrosight for each individual window.

Each window is double sealed and individually pressure tested before shipping.


Build for a lifetime. Five years unrestricted warranty.


There is a great variety of window shapes available, may it be glass walls, rectangular windows or portholes. All can be implemented with Hydrosight windows.
Hydrosight is also master when it comes to integrating into the various pool types. There are standard solutions for tiled pools, bare concrete pools and more. It is even possible to install Hydrosight windows into vinyl linered pools, which was not possible before at all.


Building underwater windows until now was an individual construction which has lead to high prices. So the price per window does not drop significantly if the number of windows increases.
Hydrosight underwater windows come with an economy of scale: The more windows are produced, the lower the price per unit. This is especially true for same sized windows.