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Why you need a Steel Frame for a Glass Walled Pool

Why you need a by “Hydrosight” developed steel frame around your acrylic window.
The 7 reasons:

  1. As you will know, acrylic “works and moves” with the temperatur changes. With this knowledge we started to develope a scheme to calculation the possible movement of the window so the acrylic will lay in a secure bed.
  2. From some of the larger aquariums in the world we know that, large direct implemented acrylic sheets starting, in a moment of time leaks. Although starting with small leak, it will start losing at the end lots of gallons/liters of water and perhaps without anyone noticing. Besides this is bad for the cost, environmental this causes also lots of trouble. Thanks to our frame, a security system is built in to catch early leakage and repair.
  3. One of the largest advantages considering of our frame is the installation and thus the investment. Our windows can be installed in 3 to 5 days in a row. With installing bare acrylic sheets, you need a special team who need 30 to 45 days and several visits at site to prepare the concrete and to fullfill a good installation.
  4. Using our Frame it also allows every pool builder or construction company to install our windows themselves.
  5. All our windows are being shipped complete with Frame, Slumber, anchors, etc. The only thing you need to do after receipt is to eventuelly hire a crane and to build the window in!
  6. The frames from "Hydrosight" can be used for several kinds of pools. If you have a tiled, liner or steel pool, we will make it happen that it fits.
  7. Thanks to the frame it is possible to do a 24-hour waterproof test at the factory. Now you already know upfront the window is waterproof. In case of a acrylic sheet, you will only know if the window is placed correct AFTER you have filled your pool with lots of water.