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Why steel frames?

Why you need a by Hydrosight developed steel frame around your acrylic window.
The 7 reasons:

  1. As you will know, acrylic contracts and expands with temperature changes. With this knowledge we started to develop a scheme to calculate the possible movement of the window. The glazing can still move while the window stays waterproof.
  2. Leakage is no option for Hydrosight. For large installations, eg in public aquaria, Hydrosight uses electronic sensors. The Hydrosight alarm system is part of our framing.
  3. One of the biggest advantage of our frame is the time for the installation. Our windows can be installed in 3 to 5 days in a row. With installing bare acrylic sheets, you need a special team who need 30 to 45 days and several visits at site to prepare the concrete and to fulfill a good installation. The cost of a Hydrosight window including installation is always lower then the traditional method.
  4. Using our Frame it enables every pool builder or construction company to install our windows without external help.
  5. All our windows are being shipped complete with frame, slurry, anchors, etc. The only thing you need to do when you receive the window is to hire a crane and to mount the window.
  6. The frames from Hydrosight can be used for several kinds of pools. If you have a tiled, liner or steel pool, we will make it happen that it fits.
  7. All our windows are factory tested. A certificate is supplied with each window. In case of a acrylic sheet, you will only know if the window is waterproof after you have filled your pool with lots of water.
Why steel frames?
Why steel frames?
Why steel frames?