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Entwicklung und Forschung

Structural and Material Design

We at Hydrosight are on a constant mission to improve our product design. We want to create new experiences for our customers using the most advanced methods of modelling.

Entwicklung und Forschung

Submarine Windows for University

Hydrosight is sponsoring Ocean Technology, a student project at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve. This sponsorship is not just financial, it is also technical.

Together with a partner, Hydrosight plans to deliver a curved dome submarine window, for the latest experimental submarine INIA.

The submarine has been successfully used in the subrace competition held in Great Britain, summer of 2014.

Submarine Rivershark 2013 – photo curtesy of Ian A. Anderson.

Master Thesis

Hydrosight also supports engineering students in their career. In 2018 our long term student employee Koray Bora finished his master thesis here at Hydrosight in colaboration with the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.


This website is made with with the no database CMS Kirby and <3.

We use the website extensively to show our projects.

  • Our custom made watermark plugin makes sure that images are not misused.
  • Projects can be printed out using a high definition layout using the DomPDF library.
  • A carousel called Slick is organizing project images online.

We try to have all documents in one place, which is the kirby cms. The documents need to be usable also as PDF handouts. This requires some tricky CSS.

Responsiveness. Today, all web sites should look good on a small screen. We also try to make our website look good on a big screen. Many people spend long hours on the computer. They should read even long text easily. Our Kirby can break up content in columns depending on the type and lenth of the content and on the type of user screen size.

Our restricted area enables us to use Kirby also for content shared with a closed user group.

Yagii Business Intelligence Software

Als Firmensoftware setzt Hydrosight auf eine Eigenentwicklung, die auf PHP und MySQL basiert. Sie deckt die klassische ERP und Customer Relation Management ab. Im Rahmen der Möglichkeiten des Benutzers und mit Hilfe unserer eigenen Entwickler lassen sich so schnell Erweiterungen umsetzen.

Entwicklung und Forschung