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General Terms for Installation Works

  1. Hydrosight Service Details
    1. On site meeting with decision maker / project supervisor
    2. Coordination with general contractor on site operations
    3. Visual inspection and physical measurements of window openings
    4. Travel expenses, accommodation and provisioning of all Hydrosight staff and subcontractors
    5. For the speciffic types of windows, these are included in Hydrosight installation works
      • Adehsive Flange (for tiled pools and other): mechanical installation and waterproofing
      • Pressure Flange (for linered pools): mechanical installation. attachement to the flange is done by the foil welder or swimming pool builder.
    6. Clean up all dirt / waste
  2. Preparatory Work by Client
    1. The customer will check the conformity of all work steps. If the customer detects / finds deviations, he / she will report these in time before Hydrosight works on site.
    2. The customer deliver the drawings of the architect available to the seller.
    3. The concrete:
      1. has hardened for at least 20 days.
      2. is free of dust
      3. surface is flat and open pore
      4. surface is untreated, in particular with respect to adhesion-reducing substances such as oil or paint
      5. corners and edges are broken or chamfered
      6. is load-bearing, solid and free from exposed stones, holes, gaping cracks, loose parts and elevations
      7. can not be reinforced during the Hydrosight installation work.
  3. Size Accuracy and Dimensional Tolerance
    1. The customer is responsible for the measurements on the site as long as the visit for the measurement ("Pre-Installation-Visit") is not explicitly included in the offer.
    2. Actual dimensions shall be communicated, in particular if they deviate from the nominal dimensions. Hydrosight must be informed in advance if there is a need for particular accuracy (especially in the case of moving floors).
    3. Hydrosight will only perform a pre-installation visit if requested by the customer. This visit is used to take a current survey. If a rotational laser measurement is deemed necessary, the customer should provide a helper at his own expense. The pre-installation visit is subject to charges.
  4. Customer provides the following equipment:
    1. All of the prerequisites required for the Hydrosight employee to work in the customer's country are at the customer's expense. These include, for example, mandatory safety instructions.
    2. Access to tap water
    3. 220 Volt for Schuko / Euro plug. Special requirements / requirement to work with electricity in customer's country of origin (such as the restrictions on 110V in the UK) at the expense of the customer.
    4. Air compressor with 8 bar pressure and a commercially available NW 7,2CEJN connection
    5. The possibility to dispose of the waste on site
    6. In case the situation is required: scaffolding, rain protection and 10l bucket to mix, access authorization cards and key
  5. Condition during installation:
    1. No dusty work nearby installation
    2. Minimum temperatures during installation:
      1. if Epoxy is used: 12° C
      2. if waterproofing slurry is used: 10° C
      3. if sealants (silicone) are applied on the construction site: 5°C
      4. if (Non shrink) grout is used: 5°C
    3. On Site Sealants (silicone) require a temperature between 5°C and 25°C (constant!). If the requirements demand it, the customer provides a temperature-controlled enclosure so that there are no major temperature differences when the silicone dries out.
    4. Maximum temperature below 25°C at any time of construction work.
  6. Moving and Placing the Window
      1. The client is responsible for the acceptation of the ordered goods at the construction site.
      1. All material should be stored in a protected and safe place until needed/used.
      1. Moving the goods (eg. the underwater windows) from storage to final destination:
      1. Small windows can usually be moved by hand with the help of local workforce. If extra help is necessary, the client is responsible to provide appropriate assistance. Maximum weight to lift per person (male) is 55kg according to German law.
      1. Windows of more than 100 kg weight usually require a crane. The positioning of the crane should allow lifting and positioning of the acrylic glass blocks. The crane is provided by the client.
    • The following applies to the use of laminated safety glass (LSG): risk of breakage at any time at the customer's expense
  7. Protection of the Window after Installation
    1. Hydrosight provides protection boards and a liner on both sides of the window. The liners prevent the acrylic from being openly exposed. The liner and the protection boards should not be removed before construction is finished. The liner should not be exposed to high temperature and/or UV light for a prolonged period of time. The window (with or without protection and liner) should not be exposed to any other temperature then it is rated for. It is advised to protect the window from direct sunlight as this might cause it to heat up.
    2. It is the client's responsibility to protect the window from damage by ongoing construction or other causes.
  8. Prices / Payment
    1. The installation fee is based on foreseeable costs at the time of the quotation. If the actual effort is higher, and Hydrosight did not know about the cause at the time of the offer, the installation work will be billed according to the actual effort.
    2. Work permits, or any others permits permitting Hydrosight staff to execute their task (such as health and/or safety), if necessary in the country of execution, are excluded from any package deals. Time spend on acquiring these permits and/or costs are charged extra.
    3. Times on site (construction site times) during which the work of Hydrosight is delayed indefinitely will be charged extra.
    4. Short-term shifting of construction site appointments by the customer is chargeable.
      • 40% of the cost of the work for up to 14 days before the on-site date
      • 60% of the cost for up to 7 days in advance
      • 100% for cancellations less than 7 days in advance
Dynalist General Terms for Installation Works Dynalist Installations-Leistungen und Bedingungen