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Service Contract

Hydrosight Underwater Windows are free of service. This is generally the case, but it comes with some exceptions. Hydrosight windows are versatile and are used in very different environments.

  1. This list gives recommendation to where service contracts are obligatory. Only when services are performed the site operator has the right to claim warranty.
    • Any environments where a defect might lead to loss of life ("catastrophic failure").
    • Submarine windows. Submarine equipment is regulated by ASME-PVHO, as a part of certification for pressure vessels
    • Open water use cases, eg. in glass bottom boats and semi submarines
    • Water levels exceeding 5 meters over the bottom of the window
    • Windows that can only be accessed at very few times for servicing, eg. outside high rise buildings
  2. This list shows conditions where service contracts are NOT obligatory but RECOMMENDED:
    • Windows, that are exposed to unfavorable climatic conditions. These conditions can be very strong winds, arctic climate, desert climate, tropical (humid) climate
    • Windows, that are exposed to high amounts of UV light, like in high altitudes.

Service Intervals

  • A Hydrosight maintenance visit should be scheduled at a favorable time of the year. See chapter "Emptying the Tank" for details.
  • First service 2 (two) years after start of operation. Start of operation is when the window will be pressurized for the first time.
  • Following services in 2 (two) year intervals.
  • If service shows signs of unusual deterioration the service interval can be shortened unilaterally by the Manufacturer Hydrosight GmbH

About the Service

  • Service requires a full tank for deflection measurements and
  • an empty tank for verification of the seals
  • Two days are usually needed by the Service Engineer
  • A resulting test protocol will be handed to the on site operator