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Pool Glass Wall

Tags over dit Projekt: liner-pool, open-top, Italy, hotel
Prijsklasse: 15-30.000EUR
Projekt Nummer: P3175

Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.2 m
Type: Liner Pool

Hofer Group has designed this pool for Hotel Abinea in Süd-Tirol/Ortisei, so that guests can overlook the famous mountain scenery. The infinity pool is the hotel's crowning feature. The pool's glazed side runs along the top of the building and allows swimmers to look out at the view from underwater. The water runs over the top edge of the window (overflow). A restaurant behind the pool opens out onto a deck, furnished by sunbathing beds and large umbrellas.

"A rooftop pool with glass edge provides the sensation of floating in the sky above this lovely mountain resort," one of the hotels visitors noted.

Northern Italy Hydrosight partner Hofer Group managed the necessary on site works an easily installed the Hydrosight underwater window. Hofer Group used a unique technology to form light weight but rigid pool cladding. New to this technology Hydrosight found a cost efficient solution for the underwater window.

Booking.com comments show how satisfied the customers are with the pool at the terrace.

https://www.abinea.com http://www.hofergroup.com
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