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Fees and Charges for individual Services

  • Hydrosight personnel can be hired for various functions, such as project management, engineering tasks, planing and documentation, specialist installation and mounting.
  • Personnel for carrying, holding, translating, groundwork service for Hydrosight, messenger and courier services should be provided by client on request.
  • Payment of hired Hydrosight personnel for an ongoing project will be in weekly intervals – if not noted otherwise. Payment will be explicitly non cash.
  • Additional expenses will include all miscellaneous out of pocket expenses and purchases. Expenses will be invoiced regularly and itemized according to activity, amount and type of purchase. This will typically include travel and overnight stay costs.
  • A days of work is generally 8 hours. After 6 continuous days of work a day of rest can be requested, which is non paid time.

Following schedule of day rates and hourly rates are valid if not mentioned otherwise:

Project Manager 750EUR/day

all site management works like face-to-face meetings, giving directions to externals and own staff; hands on work; excluding overnight and travel expenses;

Engineer 260EUR/hour

Construction Drawings, Design Development, Structural Design and Engineering, FEA
including principal time (time by chief expert/head of H.)

Technician/ Window Fitter 560EUR/day

all other (manual) works on the construction site;
excluding overnight and travel expenses;

Technician/ Window Fitter 80EUR/hour

all other works; per hour

Processor 400EUR/day

processing works at our workshop in Emmerich am Rhein

Travel Cost Van 1,50EUR/km

"Transporter" with or without trailer.
Time spend traveling according to above tariffs.