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Oversized Arcrylic Sheet

ATTENTION: Hydrosight does not sell acrylic sheet and block material. This page exists only for historical reasons.

Over sized Acrylic Sheet are commonly used for light boxes, picture glazing, picture frames, display cabinets, back lit ceilings and signage. Clear, large acrylic sheet can also be used for exhibition and art galleries to protect the work from theft, temperature or vandalism.

Hydrosight has successfully been providing extra large acrylic to specialists operating in a variety of sectors ranging from hotel and high quality commercial interiors, retail and individual special projects to prestigious permanent exhibitions for museums and visitor centers.

Acrylic sheet are also needed for some types of film-screens. The acrylic is used as a display with the image projected from the back onto the screen. Such rear projection screens can become as big as our available acrylic sheet.

Transparent extra large acrylic sheets of a size exceeding 3m x 2m is only very rarely available from stock at plastic distributors. Hydrosight acrylic are made to order just for your application. They are produced using the highest quality PMMA. Time to cast is about 4 weeks.

Damien Hirst uses Hydrosight oversized acrylic sheet for his artwork. These are exhibits in London, September 2019

Acrylic Sheet Sizes & Thickness