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Plexiglas Acrylic made by Röhm

Roehm (also spelled Röhm) invented acrylic glass / Plexiglas® 1933 and was a major player in acrylic appliances ever since. Röhm's Specialty Glazing division has its main production line near Darmstadt, Germany.

In 1999 Degussa acquired Röhm GmbH. In 2006 Degussa was then purchased by Evonik, which resulted in the new name Evonik Degussa Gmbh.

Plexiglas® is a trade name for Acrylic Glass and was first sold by Röhm & Haas in 1933. The trademark is registered by Röhm with exception to North and South America, where the Plexiglas brand name is owned by Altuglas. We don't know if the brand name was sold to Arkema/Altuglas prior WWII or was taken away from Röhm as some sort of reparation payment after the war.

Background Info on Röhm

A subsidiary of Degussa and I.G.Farben, the Degesch , produced the pest control poison Zyklon B. Zyklon B was used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau as the main means for mass murder. These war crimes during World War II should not be forgotten. Today the relation between Degussa and the survivors of the holocaust has improved. Degussa has come to terms with its history.