Hydrosight Project Presentation


Year: 2014-07-18
Tags of this Project: exposed-concrete, tank, industrial, ice-storage, Hochtief, Hamburg, Germany, round
Project Number: P832

Diameter: 1 m
Type: Concrete Industrial
The window will be used in an Ice Storage Tank in the basement of a building in Hamburg, Germany. The building will be used as a student residence for the nearby university. Our client, HochTief AG, is the largest construction company in Germany.

About the window

The medium sized window is about 100cm viewing diameter. The ice tank, that bares the underwater porthole window, is made of concrete only. The tank does not have an additional water resistant layer.

About Ice Storage Tanks

This technology can be found in campus-wide air conditioning or chilled water systems of large buildings. In this application, a standard chiller runs at night to produce an ice pile. Water then circulates through the pile during the day to produce chilled water that would normally be the chiller's daytime output. Underwater windows can be used for visual control of the ice.

Price Range : 4.000-11.000 EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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