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Aquarium Window Installation

This page is about the installation of aquarium windows. Hydrosight is a unique design/build firm recognized for reliable installation of stationary aquarium windows for concrete tanks. After years of experience we have an install base in many European countries and around the world.

An underwater window for aquaria consists mainly of an acrylic block, that has been prepared to be used for this purpose. It does not need a frame for this purpose. (For framed windows please go to our premanufactured underwater window page).
The window is sealed into a concrete rebate opening of the aquarium wall or floor.
All installation work is done by Hydrosight.
Sizes and shapes according to customers' request for the required format up to 3m x 6m possible.
Please note that we do not build the smaller all-acrylic aquarium tanks only in special cases.

Hydrosight Aquarium Installation Services in Detail

  1. Design of the Aquarium Windows according to safety rules
  2. Acrylic window processing
  3. Worldwide Shipping (based on our experience in Africa, Asia, America and Europe)
  4. Waterproofing and sealing
  5. Polishing Acrylic windows, maintenance works for scratches and damages of acrylic panels