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Public Aquarium Construction

The production and installation of aquarium viewing panels is a very particular task performed by specialized companies such as Hydrosight. No matter if you are looking at building or extending a public aquarium, oceanarium or dolphinarium Hydrosight might be the right source for underwater glazing.

If you want a great viewing experience you need great viewing panels. As an experienced processor of acrylic we are able to supply you with the right material. Our high grade acrylic of the type Plexiglas GS comes in standard sizes but can be cut or bonded to virtually any size you need. Acrylic panels can also be thermoformed to your desired shape.

We deliver either the panels for DIY installation or we install and waterproof the windows for you. Due to the amount of water in these tanks they are usually fully integrated in the building. The window blocks are directly sealed into concrete openings. This differs from all-in-one aquaria, that are transportable (at least when emptied). Hydrosight does not build these sort of aquaria, only in specials shapes (such as cylinder aquaria) or for large customers.