Open Top Underwater Windows

Open Top Underwater Windows can be a nice feature for pools, tanks and aquaria alike. Hydrosight offers full service for design, supply and installation of open top windows.

Open Top Windows

  • … are supported on three sides only. The top of the window is open.
    → read about window design options
  • … have a polished and rounded top edge. You can look into the window block from the top as you can look through the window from the sides.
  • … can be combined with infinity edge pools. Sometimes these windows are refered to as infinity edge windows.
  • A transparent pool wall with overflow is also possible.
  • Window dimensions of up to 6m by 3m size and beyond are possible. However more often windows of 3m width are used. Regular heights of open top glazing is between 0,5m and 1,4m. Several windows of that size can be cascaded.
Hydrosight offers full service contracts for design, supply and installation. Open Top Windows need to be installed by Hydrosight. They cannot be installed by an untrained local builder. We need a more in-detail look into the conditions on site. Open Top Window Example
one of our installations in a private spa in Russia: Planning...

one of our installations in a private spa in Russia: Planning…

...and Installation

…and Installation