Pool Window Installation

This page is about our installation service for pool windows. If you are new to this web page you might first want to read about Hydrosight pre-manufactured pool windows that can be installed by your local builder.

If you are looking for a full service, turnkey solution for your pool windows, this is the right place for you. Other than our pre-manufactured pool windows, these custom pool windows are not limited to restraints.

Custom pool windows, installed by Hydrosight:

  • … can be supported on three sides only. This type is referred to as an Open Top Pool Window.
  • Window dimensions of up to 6m by 3m size and beyond are possible.
  • The window might have round or different shaped openings
  • The window blocks can be curved.

Hydrosight offers full service contracts for design, supply and installation. Custom Pool Windows need a more in-detail look into the conditions on site. Due to the amount of work needed for preparatory work and consulting we might ask you for feasibility study (fee required) prior finalizing offer.

Make sure to check our page on installation of aquaria windows , which have a lot in common with swimming pools.

a selection of our installation projects

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