Underwater Windows

You have probably experienced underwater windows in public aquaria. Now it has become so easy to have underwater windows made by Hydrosight, that they become wide spread for all kinds of other water bodies.

Here is a short list of examples for usage:

When Building my own Dreamhouse, we only choose the best contractors in their field. That is how we got to Hydrosight. John M., Architect London/Pafos


Sports Observation

Originally used as an aid to swimming and diving instruction underwater windows enable the coaches to observe swimmers and divers in action. Coaches can stand on eye level with swimmers, remain dry, and even use cameras for televising all aquatic activities. POOL WINDOWS FOR SINGAPORE SPORTS HUB

Design Feature for Residential Buildings

Recently underwater windows have been discovered by modern architects as a design feature. Used in pool walls they can illuminate adjacent rooms and give the swimming pool an individual touch of design. Watertight Windows in Belgium

Source of Natural Light

Sometimes a pool window is the only option to have natural light in a room. The transparency of the swimming pool water transports the light into adjacent rooms. Underwater Disco

Movie Making / Photography

Film directors and camera men discovered the use of underwater windows to shoot underwater sequences. They could free themselves from the burden of scuba diving and the cost of specialized equipment. Any photographer that has actively been shooting underwater images can tell you about the difficulties. Professionals behind a window have all the time and ability to get the timing and light right.

Submerged Skylight Windows

Installed on pool floors Underwater Windows can transfer sunlight to the space underneath. This feature is especially popular with Reflecting Pools (shallow pools of water – not for swimming). Underwater Skylight in Florida
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Industrial Use

Hydrosight underwater windows are very versatile. They have been used in water purification plants for examination of water quality. Other scenarios, e.g. viewing vaults for water of rivers, streams, coastal areas are also possible. Pressure Rated Windows in Iceland a window for a fish ladder


Public pools and hotels thrife to diferentiate themselves from competitors and add additonal experience for their visitors. Hydrosight provides you with the gear for unforgettable memories. Example for Underwater Windows in Hotel Pools An other Underwater Window in a Hotel