Join Hydrosight

The company Hydrosight has been specialized since 2003 in underwater windows. Our customers are mainly renowned architects, wealthy homeowners and renowned construction companies. The majority of our customers are located in European countries, but also overseas.

At our workplace in Emmerich am Rhein, there is a compact production department of the windows and the department for sales, planning and development. Hydrosight consists of fewer than 10 employees.

Some aspects about working for Hydrosight

  • Versatile and rewarding work
  • Short ways for decisions-making
  • Chance for growth
  • Small team or independent work
  • Long-term prospect

Hydrosight at Aquanale Exhibition in Cologne, Germany

Master Thesis

Hydrosight also supports engineering students in their career.

Hydrosight's Values

Hydrosight uses green power: production, office and servers are largely served by renewable energies.
Our house bank Volksbank is ruled by strict ethical investment guidelines.
Hydrosight does not work for military-related institutions.
Hydrosight recycles as much material as possible. The goal is to keep the waste production as small as possible.

Job Vacancies

Please go to the Hydrosight Indeed Job Site, where you will find our open vacancies, when these are available.

Unsolicited application are welcome.