Underwater Windows

Underwater windows are waterproof and load bearing. They provide a clear view below the water's surface. There are many possible applications: Scientific observation, architectural design or just for leisure. Underwater windows are suitable for private and public pools, Jacuzzis, large aquaria, industrial settings, residential and public buildings, for flood protection or as a design feature.

Hydrosight is the expert in the field of underwater windows. Our employers have worked on hundreds of projects around the world and installed custom transparent pool walls and floors in hotels, spas and private residences, panoramic windows and aquarium panels in zoological and oceanographic institutions, in touristic semi-submarines, glass-bottom windows in cruise ships and underwater skylights for renowned companies.

Check out our available options and sizes to get to know our range of products, and what would suit you best. We offer a wide variety of setups, ranging from big projects of several tons of weight, all the way down to small portholes for budget prices.

Each underwater window is individually made for you on time. You require a window where size and depth rating suit your exact requirements? Contact us if you have a question, need consultation or if you want to order.

Underwater windows are fun for the whole family. Especially children! They will love the ability of interacting with friends and family through one of our windows.

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You have probably experienced large acrylic windows in public aquaria. These are the type of windows which Hydrosight refers to as underwater windows. Apart from aquaria there are many uses for these windows, as well as a variety of fields in the market where the windows present themselves as useful. Let's explore together.


Public pools and hotels thrive to differentiate themselves from competitors and add additional experience for their visitors. Have a look at the ratings at Booking.com for the Helsinki pool Hydrosight helped to build. A good example for Hydrosight providing you with the gear for unforgettable memories.

Hotel Pools with a great view. Glass walls will give your guests a reason for a good online rating. Courtesy of Lisa Homsy

Film / Photography

Film directors and cameramen have discovered the use of underwater windows for the shooting of underwater scenes. This offers them an escape from the burden of scuba-diving and the costs of the specialized equipment required. Any photographer who has actively shot scenes underwater will tell you of the difficulties involved.
Professionals have all the time and ability to capture the right light and timing when they do so behind a window.
The quality of underwater shots behind Hydrosight windows is higher than can be achieved with underwater cameras. Read an extended explanation here.

Sports Facilities and Public Pools

Originally used as an aid to swimming and diving instruction, underwater windows enable the coaches to observe swimmers and divers in action. Coaches can stand on eye level with swimmers, remain dry, and even use cameras for televising all aquatic activities.
Diver tank viewing ports are possible even at great depth. Hydrosight technology has increased maximum depth from 11m (35') to 20m (60') in 2019.

Underwater Windows

Residential Buildings

Recently underwater windows have been discovered by modern architects as a new design feature. Used in pool walls they can illuminate adjacent rooms and give the swimming pool an individual touch of design.

For the swimmers it feels like being in their own fish tank - in a positive way: A window opens up the pool to its surrounding, making the dip feel much less claustrophobic.