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Underwater Windows

Underwater windows are waterproof and load bearing. They provide a clear view below the water's surface. There are many possible applications: Scientific observation, architectural design or just for leisure. Underwater windows are suitable for private and public pools, jacuzzies, large aquaria, industrial settings, residential and public buildings, for flood protection or as a design feature.

Hydrosight is the expert in the field of underwater windows. Our employers have worked on hundreds of projects around the world and installed custom transparent pool walls and floors in hotels, spas and private residences, panoramic windows and aquarium panels in zoological and oceanographic institutions, in touristic semi-submarines, glass-bottom windows in cruise ships and underwater skylights for renowned companies.

Now and Then

Underwater viewing windows used to be an expensive and complicated component and could only be found in public aquaria and the most exclusive facilities. In recent years, however, they have become more common. Architects and homeowners now frequently choose underwater windows when they are applicable.

Hydrosight plays a vital role in the rapid development of underwater windows. Since its founding in 2003, Hydrosight has always made easy installation and safety an absolute priority. Underwater windows should provide the same or better safety ratings than any other standardized building component.

Designed for Safety

Hydrosight Underwater Windows are designed and built in Germany. Each product is individually calculated and tested to withstand the water pressure required from the habitat of the window. They are shatter-proof, so the risk of damage while on transport or during installation is negligible. We are very proud of the fact that all operating Hydrosight windows, that we know of, are still in service today. Many of our innovations, not to forget the patent pending double-sealing technology, have made underwater windows not only safe, but also affordable.

Hydrosight Underwater Viewing Windows are built with the pool builder in mind. We are constantly reevaluating how we can make them easier to install. They do not only need to be rigid, but also fault tolerant. This is what makes underwater windows now so popular with pool builders.

Check out our available options and sizes and browse our website to get to know our range of products, and what would suit you best. We offer a wide variety of setups, ranging from big projects of several tons of weight, all the way down to small portholes for budget prices.

Each underwater window is individually made for you on time. You require a window where size and depth rating suit your exact requirements? Contact us if you have a question, need consultation or if you want to order.

Underwater Windows

A stunning effect can be achieved with a glass wall without top reinforcement. The pool seems to glow in the dark thanks to the underwater lights.

Underwater Windows

A pool window is safe. Foto shows pool next to eat-in kitchen

Underwater Windows

A view of a natural pool through a round underwater window. The water is a little milky, which is completely normal for a natural swimming pool.

Underwater Windows

Installation manual for tiled pools.

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