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Glass Walled Pools

A glass walled pool is an exciting feature that sets a property apart from others.

The technical term for pool glass walls is open top windows. They retain the water in the pool while there seems to be no wall. Open top windows allow for spectators to watch the underwater scenery, while remaining dry.

What makes them so special?

  • Open top windows are supported on three sides only. The top of the window is exposed.
  • Open top windows have a polished and rounded top edge. You can look into the window block from the top the same way you do when looking from the side.
  • Acrylic sidewalls can be combined with infinity edge pools, where the water overflows a transparent pool wall. Such a glass for infinity pools gives the impression of a vertically cut of body of water. Looking at such a window feels like an optical illusion!
  • Wide panels of 6m and more can be archieved in various ways. The glazing can consist of a contious panel, chemically bonded panel, panels with sealant joints inbetween or panels with mullions. The Hydrosight engineering team will carefully evaluate the customers requirements and budget, but also temperature variations on site and panel deflection criteria.

Hydrosight offers full service contracts for design, supply and installation of glass walled pools. Please note that our glass walls for pools are not pool fences. Pool fences might also be made of transparent glazing. However pool fences are not in and under the water. Check other companies if you need this.

Glass Walled Pools
Glass Walled Pools
Glass can replace parts of the pool wall to lighten up the structure.
Open Top Windows lockWindow Supports for Open Top Shape