Glass Walled Pools

At Hydrosight we distinguish between underwater windows and glass walls. A pool glass wall is a special underwater window. It is called glass wall as it replaces part of the pool sides. There is no support beam on the top, it is all transparent. The top of the window is just an exposed polished glass edge. So to keep the glass in place the window is mounted from the sides and also from the bottom.

This gives the visual impression, that there is not a wall at all: The pool water just ends vertically. You can look deep into the water from the outside without the distortions that you have on the water surface. And it is just a perfect shot for your Instagram when you see a swimmer behind the glass wall - partly submerged, partly above the water.

A glass walled is an exciting pool feature that sets your swimming pool apart from others.

A stunning effect can be achieved with a glass wall without top reinforcement. The pool seems to glow in the dark thanks to the underwater lights.

Glass Walls for Pools Advantages

Overflow / Infinity Glass Edge

If the window top and water level meet, an overflow window is obtained. That means the water can run off the edge of the window into an overflow gutter. Then, the edge of the glass disappears completely under the overflowing water. Is the water level lower it is called a skimmer glass wall.

The acrylic side wall can be installed with or without overflow. Overflow in this context means, that the water runs over the edge of the glazing into a drainage. The top of the glazing - as the rest of the infinity pool - sits flush with the water level.

How to Install?

Planing and Preparation

For each of your window requests, Hydrosight will provide the technical drawings needed for the concrete work of the pool, i.e. the opening for the window. This allows you to plan accordingly on the installation and/or construction procedure.

In the meantime, the windows will be produced. They shall be ready for shipment just when you need them on the site.

Where to Start?

Installing your First Underwater Window

You are a pool builder wishing to install a Hydrosight product. As the water body contractor in charge, you are new to installing underwater windows. Hydrosight makes this an exciting experience for their customers by providing a full service support. Beginning with unpacking the installation kit, you will notice that all steps of installation have been prepared for you.

The installation kit includes:

  • the underwater window(s)
  • all installation material needed
  • work drawings providing installation dimensions
  • installation manual

This makes it easy and secure to fit our windows, without the need of special skills, or silicone sealing.


Hydrosight On-Site Installation Service

You might feel challenged installing the underwater windows yourself and you lack of the appropriate fitters for the job?

Our Hydrosight installation team is ready to help. Choose
Hydrosight on site installation services and rely on our experienced team.

One Stop Shop

Price, Shipping + Delivery


Hydrosight manufacturing enables you to choose exactly the size needed.

You can also choose from our list of standard sizes.


Our window delivery includes the necessary installation material.

Shipping world wide or for pickup in Emmerich, Germany.


Lead time approx. 8-12 weeks. Please inquire for details with your order.


For estimating the cost of your glass swimming pool you can check our recently finished projects. Many of the projects we present include cost estimates.

For detailed offers or price estimates use our special contact form. We will get back to you asap.