Hydrosight Project Presentation

Glass Corner Pools

Year: 2023-06-09
Tags of this Project: tiled-pool, Switzerland, open-top
Project Number: P10509

Discover the Elegance of Hydrosight's Special Shape Underwater Glazing!

Introducing Hydrosight's latest offering: underwater glazing for pools in special shapes. Imagine the understated beauty of glass corners, where two glass walls seamlessly meet in your pool's corner, without the need for a concrete or steel beam. This innovative design provides a unique viewing experience, surpassing even that of a straight pool wall.

Options Tailored to You: Similar to our glass walls, our special shape underwater glazing is available with or without overflow. This flexibility allows you to choose a design that suits your preferences and seamlessly integrates with your unique style.
Structural Integrity, Always: Hydrosight prioritizes both innovation and engineering integrity. Our underwater glazing solutions adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring a beautiful yet secure addition to your pool.

Ready to enhance your pool experience? Hydrosight invites you to explore the possibilities of special shape underwater glazing. Contact us today to transform your pool into a subtly stylish masterpiece. Your refined underwater sanctuary awaits!

Price Range : 50.000-150.0000EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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