Pool Types

Joining Windows and Waterproof Layer

There are many ways of waterproofing a containment. Each containment has at least one layer, that makes it waterproof. The underwater window is chosen according to the type of waterproofing. Here is a list of types.

Tiled Pools

The tiled pools of Hydrosight are chosen for a wide range of finishes; mosaic pool, ceramic tiles, stone tiles and thin layered pools such as AquaBRIGHT.

Tiled pool windows are installed after the concrete wall is already casted. A rebate is made on the water side of the wall, so the tiled pool window can sit flush with the wall.
The window is then moved into the rebate and adjusted. It is fixed onto the concrete by wall anchors. The waterproofing, that is used for this type of pool, is usually some kind of slurry or other spreadable substance. The waterproofing is evenly applied to the entire pool surface. Corners and edges are reinforced by seam tapes. Then the waterproofing will be applied to the steel frame of the window, thus embedding the window into the waterproofing layer. Tiles or stones or other pool finishes will be applied on top of the waterproofing.

Tiled pool windows are popular - if unsure choose for this option or request more details.

Pool Types

Hydrosight patented adhesive flange windows integrate in the pool as installation parts with a stainless steel flange

Waterproofing Concrete with Slurry Projects: Tiled-Pool Tiled Pool Manual

Pools with Liner

A liner pool is built by excavating a hole, fitting a frame or shell, and finishing with a flexible PVC membrane – the liner. The liner will be wedged between flange and window, then screws shall be tightened. We call this type a vinyl linered window.

The PVC, or vinyl liner, used is similar to liners used for ponds. Underwater windows for liner pools were previously called "pressure flanges".

Exposed Concrete Pools

This type should be chosen only if concrete is EXPOSED. For finishings like ceramic tiles, natural pebble, colored quartz, epoxy resin paints, vinyl lining choose one of the other types.

Many pools are made primarily from concrete. This can be either sprayed ("Gunite") or poured. Most pools have some sort of finishing layer, such as tiles. However, some pools are concrete only. We classify these as "exposed concrete". Exposed concrete tanks are relatively frequent in many industrial water tanks. Recently, exposed concrete pools for private leisure swimming have become popular in places like Switzerland.

The adequate window requires your concrete tank to be made from impermeable concrete and according to the building requirements of impermeable concrete. Exposed concrete windows are not suitable for unskilled installers.

As the concrete is casted and dried, and the shutter work removed, the window is already at its place, ready and waterproof. Our seam sheets and self-expanding seals stop the water from running from the wet to the dry side of the window.

Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel pools are very robust. These pools are long-lasting, durable, and low on maintenance. Stainless steel pool windows are a natural environment for Hydrosight's underwater windows. That is because Hydrosight's windows have an INOX frame. The windows for stainless steel pools are seal welded into the prepared opening.

Custom Types of Waterproofing

Other types of less common pools types:

  • Fibreglass pools: Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • PVC pools: Pools that are made from hard PVC, like the pools made from KWS. Hard PVC pools are not to be confused with soft PVC liner pools.
  • PP Pools: Polypropylen, often about 20mm thick

Shell Dimensions

For each of your window requests, Hydrosight will provide the technical drawings needed for the concrete work of the pool, i.e. the opening for the window. This allows you to plan accordingly on the installation and/or construction procedure.

In the meantime, the windows will be produced. They shall be ready for shipment just when you need them on the site.

Pool Types

Here is an example of a concrete shell dimension for a rectangular
window in the pool wall