Technical Applications for Underwater Windows

Fish Counter Windows

Observation vaults of rivers, streams, coastal areas.

Glass Wall Flood Barriers

Some buildings are situated near rivers, lakes or oceans where the water level can change unpredictably. These buildings have to withstand the worst case-scenario floods, even if that might only happen once in a hundred years. Windows below the waterline of a flood have to keep the water outside the building. Both wall and window have to be specifically engineered.

When considering the necessity of a storm rating for windows, it is crucial to seek professional consultation from experts such as Hydrosight. The importance of such a rating becomes apparent when evaluating windows that are designed to prevent any leakage.These windows are purpose-built to withstand the challenges posed by storms, ensuring that not a drop of water finds its way inside. The use of materials akin to aquarium-strength glass further emphasizes the commitment to creating a robust barrier against the elements. With Hydrosight's expertise, one can be confident that the windows are not merely common fixtures but specialized solutions engineered to provide exceptional protection and peace of mind during adverse weather conditions.

Ocean views can be retained where formerly bulkheads spoiled the environment with the help of Hydrosight Underwater Windows.

Ice Storage Tanks

About Ice Storage Tanks: This technology can be found in campus-wide air conditioning or chilled water systems of large buildings. In this application, a standard chiller runs at night to produce an ice pile. Water then circulates through the pile during the day to produce chilled water that would normally be the chiller's daytime output. Underwater windows can be used for visual control of the ice.

Plant Engineering

Hydrosight industrial strenth portholes are very versatile. They have been used in water purification plants for examination of water quality or for educational purposes.

Technical Applications for Underwater Windows

Universities and Research

Tank for Hydrodynamic Experiments, Delft University of Technology

Windows on Ships

A journey to the submarine world can create memories which are unique and unforgettable. If you're all about exploring the submarine world inside the protection of a hull, you will require a suitable window for the observation of the outside.

Hydrosight's ship windows can be installed either next to the water line, or they can be submerged. They can be used either for maritime observation, as well as for monitoring the floor of the sea.

Hydrosight offers both custom cast submarine windows, certified by a classification society of your choice, and plain windows cut to size, certified by authorities like Germanischer Lloyd.

Acrylic is the material of choice for viewing facilities in a pressurised vessel.