Hydrosight Project Presentation

Luxembourg Drinking Water Tank

Year: 2020-03-20
Tags of this Project: Luxemburg, exposed-concrete, round, industrial
Project Number: P3228

These windows have been build to be used by the national water company of Luxembourg. The client installed them in a water treatment plant, which is located in the city of Eschdorf in the hilly north of the country.

The purpose of the portholes is educational. Visitors can see how the precious resource is being processed.

All materials needed to be suitable for drinking water. As Hydrosight portholes are normally used in pools or similar, a special frame type was developed. In addition the requirements catalogue asked for ozone resistance. So it was part of Hydrosight's assignment to prove that all material would not be harmed by ozone.

But the biggest challenge was the water depth. One of the windows was build with 20m water column, that is 20.000kg of weight per square meter! The extremely thick, but flexible Hydrosight glazing was measured to fit this purpose.

Luxembourg Drinking Water Tank
Price Range : 100-200.000EUR
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