Hydrosight Project Presentation

Fish Ladder Observation Windows

Year: 2019-08-01
Tags of this Project: exposed-concrete, fish-ladder, USA
Project Number: P5236

The Tumwater Falls created an impassable barrier to salmon until 1952, when a fish ladder was built to provide salmon access to the newly constructed fish hatchery located immediately above the falls.

In 2019, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife launched an effort to revamp its salmon facilities at the park, including an extended fish ladder with observation windows for the public.

Ordered by the construction company Stellar-J, Hydrosight delivered the observation windows. Installation of the windows was performed by Stellar-J.

Comment Stellar-J: "The windows were of good quality and packaged well"

Price Range : 20.000-60.000EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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