Round Acrylic Underwater Windows

Round underwater windows create a natural maritime flair. Many ship windows are round for structural reasons, and it is natural that the viewer automatically thinks of marinas, beaches and the sea. The application area of Hydrosight underwater portholes is mainly in swimming pools, training pools and industrial tanks. In public buildings they are e.g. used for observation during swimming and diving lessons.

Examples for Round Windows

1. Round Windows for Private Pools

A typical installation of round underwater windows for a private swimming pool -here in Austria

2. Deep Water Windows

Round underwater windows withstand incredibly high pressures and can therefore be installed in greater water depths.

These windows are installed in a scuba diving tank on 11m depth.

3. Fish Pond and Swimming Pool

This Underwater Porthole will be installed in a private villa in the United Kingdom. It separates two bodies of water - a fish pond outside the house and a swimming pool inside.

The reader might well know, that fresh water fish do not like chlorinated water, while some people find a fish pond too dirty to swim in. Again, Hydrosight had the perfect solution.
(Project P105)

a relatively small round window that will be installed between a fishpond and a swimming pool. It is pressure resistant even if one of the tanks are empty

4. Special Forces

Although most windows are used for civilian purposes, this product category is also suitable for professional purposes due to its special durability.

These Portholes are used in a special forces training camp in Norwegen or Sweden - the location is a secret. They have a depth rating for water levels up to 2 meters (6ft). The swimming pool is build in stainless steel by Invarmex, one of our Partners in Sweden.

Finishdate: 2019-10-19
Pricerange: 10-15.000EUR
Tags: Sweden,round,stainless-steel-pool

4. Other Projects involving round Underwater Windows

Want to see more examples? Find some inspiration here:

Prefab Round Windows

A big advantage is that Hydrosight can produce larger quantities of windows with standard diameters. Standard sizes are:

  • 32cm clear view diameter
  • 40cm clear view diameter
  • 65cm clear view diameter
  • 78cm clear view diameter.

Feel free to ask our sales department for quantities of 5, 10 or more for an economical offer.

For special attractions Hydrsight can build windows up to 3m diameter and larger.

Check for sizes and prices

Round Acrylic Underwater Windows

Round Underwater Windows