Hydrosight Project Presentation

Underwater Porthole Windows

Year: 2011-03-03
Tags of this Project: round, liner-pool, Austria
Project Number: P294

Diameter: 900 mm
Type: Liner Pool

In this project Hydrosight installed 3 portholes for a swimming pool owner. The newbuild residential building is located in rural Austria. In 2011, when the owner decided he wanted some extra light for his garage, he decided to purchase portholes. These were to be installed into his pool by the local pool company. The pool company, specialized on vinyl linered swimming pools, had it easy to install the underwater windows. The shell openings had been communicated to the concrete builder, so that the openings had the right size for the ordered Hydrosight portholes. All Hydrosight windows are meant to sit flush with the pool wall.

See how fun porthole windows can be for the kids, while dad is happy about the extra natural light in his garage.

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