Hydrosight Project Presentation

Fish Pond Window

Year: 2012-09-06
Tags of this Project: rectangular, liner-pool, aquarium, Germany, fishpond
Project Number: P280

The north east of Germany is a popular summer holiday location. The province Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has a lot of unspoiled nature and a long stretch of Baltic sea beaches. The Ozeaneum, Germany's biggest aquarium, is located here in the town of Stralsund. A smaller, but notable attraction, is the wildlife park in Ueckermünde. Ueckermünde houses exotic and endemic species alike. Sturgeons, which exist in the surrounding rivers live in the Zoo's pond.

As a small town animal park, Ueckermünde does not have fully fledged aquarium walls. Instead, when the zoo was renovated in 2012, they decided to install a Hydrosight pond window. The 1m x 1m sized window gives visitors a clear view on the fish. The window is especially fish friendly, with no sharp corners that might hurt the animals. The window was installed by a local craftsman, with no prior experience in installation of underwater windows.

Price Range : 5.000-1.0000 EUR
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