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Acrylic Wall for Swimming Pool

Year: 2019-03-16
Tags of this Project: stainless-steel-pool, open-top, Austria
Project Number: P4624

This acrylic wall for a swimming pool is one of the latest technological innovations from Hydrosight.
The stainless steel pool has been installed by the renowned Austrian company Polytherm in a very efficient way. Polytherm did use only very little load carrying steel elements. Instead they used existing concrete wall and floor to apply the force of the water pressure. Hydrosight used this same technique for the first time. The result was a tough acrylic wall with low deflection.

Hydrosight windows are shipped ready to install. Hydrosight realized the design and in house construction of the window after consultation with the steel pool builder. Polytherm aligned and mounted the Hydrosight window. Then Polytherm welded the wall into the stainless steel hull of the swimming pool. No site specific work was needed by Hydrosight.

Here is a summary of the advantages:

  • Lower cost due to:
    • less load carrying steel
    • no on site acrylic wall installers
  • Higher quality of acrylic wall
  • Pool builder can plan site independently
  • reduced time to build
Price Range : 13.000-27.000 EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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