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Glass Pools: A real-life example

Year: 2017-01-26
Tags of this Project: open-top, stainless-steel-pool, London, United-Kingdom, England
Project Number: P2682

The desire for glass pools or at least the ability to have parts of the pool in transparent material is continuously increasing. Here is an example of such a "glass pool" located in a Mansion in London's posh district Kensington Garden.

The glass pool is actually mostly build from stainless steel. The shiny surface of the steel gives the structure a lasting and classy touch. Build by the Austrian Company Berndorf Bäderbau, such pools do last for decades and need very little service.

The glass wall is 5m wide and 0.7m high. It is build as a completely self relying unit with all certificates and tests applied already before shipping. The glass is only fastened on the sides and on the bottom to the pool wall, which is generally referred to as an open top glass pool window. This seems trivial to archive, but actually only very few companies like Hydrosight can build such structures. Transparent walls for glass pools need to have a tremendously stiff structure to cope with the water pressure.

Pool and window unit will be welded together by the pool builder. That makes it a one stop shop for the customer with clear responsibilities.

Price Range : 23.000-36.000 EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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