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Poseidon Resorts

Year: 2016-01-01
Tags of this Project: Fidji, industrial, hotel

The Poseidon Resorts are offering dining and overnight stays on a lovely tropical island near Fidji. That wouldn't be too unusual if you would leave out the following fact: The resorts are located on the ground of the islands lagoon in somewhat 20m (60ft) depth.

Visitors are able to spend a great deal of their stay behind large egg-shaped windows enjoying the marine wildlife and colorfulness of the coral reefs. You could say, they spend their vacation on the bottom of the ocean.

The resorts are made of a completely new designed sea bottom assembly. This structure combines lessons learned from early undersea observatories with today's new materials and improved technical knowledge. Early designs of sub sea habitats like Coustau's Conshelf and the US made SEALAB have been built for trained staff with a military duty. Poseydon Resorts on the other extreme offer any luxury needed. Moreso, 60% of its surface is covered by acrylic windows letting the light and colors from the outside in.

In 2006 Hydrosight was asked to help build these windows. The challenge was unique: To make spherical windows of several meters diameter. Casting and forming of the windows had to be completed in a reasonable time. The facilities would need to handle 400 metrictons of acrylic in a relatively short span.

Since the Coup' in Fidji, where the projected holiday island is located, financing has been stoped. After all we hope that we have been valuable for the projects' early calculation and assessment thesis. We would most definitely love to see Poseidon Resorts happen on its second go.

Each Visitor staying overnight will spend the night in a so called Pod, that looks a bit like a heavy underwater version of a helicopter without blades.

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