Hydrosight Project Presentation


Year: 2020-03-16
Tags of this Project: Germany, open-top, tiled-pool, residential, installation
Project Number: P5794

For the presentation of our project in Ottersweiler we would like to take the opportunity to explain the term glass walls for pools.

Glass Walls compared to Underwater Windows

  • Glass wall windows are supported on three sides only. The top of the window is exposed.
  • The technical term is open top window.
  • Glass walls retain the water in the pool while there seems to be no wall.
  • Open top windows have a polished and rounded top edge. You can look into the window block from the top the same way you do when looking from the side.
  • Acrylic sidewalls can be combined with infinity edge pools, where the water overflows a transparent pool wall. Such a glass for infinity pools gives the impression of a vertically cut of body of water. Looking at such a window feels like an optical illusion!
  • Wide panels of 6m and more can be archived in various ways. The glazing can consist of a contious panel, chemically bonded panel, panels with sealant joints inbetween or panels with mullions.

The glazing material is fascinating: You can look from the top into the glazing and see all the way to the bottom - this is how transparent the material is.

The photo shows a Hydrosight glass wall, still protected by white plastic cardboard. The next step will be to apply the waterproofing - this will be done using a thick PU coating.

Price Range : 15.000-30.000EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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