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YAGII - custom Hydrosight software with crm/erp functionality

this is an internal development from Hydrosight GmbH with many internal and external contributors. As a company software, Hydrosight relies on a in-house development development called Yagii.Yagii covers the classical ERP and Customer Relation Management. These functions are:

General ERP and CRM functionalities

  • customer management
  • project management ("leads" in a Yagii context are projects as well)
  • project related task management
  • inventory management
  • offers, using product templates and dynamic pricing.
  • invoices/packing lists
  • cost and profit center (Yagii directly reads transactions from associated bank accounts using open banking standards)

Speciffic functionalities for Hydrosight

  • assigning optimal acrylic material to customer requirement, using inventory and supplier data
  • structural dimensioning windows using several approximation methods based on tabular data and equations.
  • pricing etc
  • very detailed way to calculate exact offers for Hydrosight products and services

General Architecture and Design

Within the scope of the possibilities of the user and with the help of our own developers, extensions can be implemented so quickly. Its is like the mantra of many startups: Release early and do the testing as you go.

Yagii is Cloud Service. You can access Yagii from anywhere using a browser. Yagii is based on PHP and MySQL. We expressively do not use a framework. Instead we use plain, Vanilla PHP.


It is planned to open source the code for the general ERP and CRM functionalities once resources are available. The speciffic Hydrosight functionalities will be excluded from the open sourced yagii code.

Q & A

Q: Why is it called Yagii?

A: The original name for the software was Business Logic, but it sounded to cooperate for our standards. The name Yagii is actually by incidence. Our provider just randomly gave us the URL with this name. Yagi(i) is also a type of antenna to transmit and receive wireless.