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Hydrosight Warranty

  1. Coverage
    • Subject to the conditions and limitations as stated hereinafter, Hydrosight GmbH warrants that its products will be free from manufacturing defects and will not rot, deteriorate or break down for the guarantee period.
  2. Conditions
    • The products are used and installed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Hydrosight data sheets, installation manuals and industry standard guidelines. Notably the product should not be in conflict with these documents at the time of installation. It is the responsibility of the owner/builder/installer to ensure the suitability of all building materials and all associated building materials for the owner’s intended use. It is recommended that the owner consult with an experienced and professional installer.
  3. Resolution: Defects recognized by Hydrosight as being covered by the guarantee shall be corrected either
    1. by means of repair of the faulty product
    2. by replacement with a product in perfect working order.
    3. pay an amount not to exceed the original product cost verified to be defective.
  4. Guarantee Period
    1. The guarantee period is 10 (ten) years for monolithic windows (default).
    2. The guarantee period is 5 years for bonded windows (non monolithic windows).
    3. The guarantee claim must be lodged within the guarantee period.
    4. The guarantee period begins from the time the product is purchased from Hydrosight.
  5. The above guarantees apply to products that are bought and used outside the USA and Canada
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