Hydrosight Project Presentation

Hydrosight Acrylic Windows Deployed in Thailand

Year: 2007-03-03
Tags of this Project: rectangular, Thailand, aquarium

Dimensions: 9 x 2 m
Tigers do like to swim - as can be observed in Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand. HKS and Hydrosight just finished most of the work for a wildlife show demonstrating these big cats in the wet element. This presentation of the swimming animals will be for locals and international visitors alike - HKS emphasizes the natural behavior which might help raising the perception of the regions endangered wildlife. For the underwater observation 2 big acrylic window panels of overall 9 by 2 meters were used. With the help of local contractors the price of the viewing panels could even beat East-Asian completion while remaining our high quality standards. Scratch protection will consist of easy-to-replace secondary layer acrylic.

Price Range : 20.000-50.000 EUR
excluding VAT, non binding example
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Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi HKS Consultants Video of the Swimmer Tiger
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