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Our Project P11352 in the German National News

Nils Goseberg, Professor at the Leichtwei├č Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Technical University (TU) of Braunschweig, stands at the new saltwater wave current channel. Scientists at TU Braunschweig want to use the large-scale saltwater research facility to find out how mussels, algae and other sea creatures influence the load-bearing capacity of offshore wind turbines and other maritime structures.

Schwimmbad und Sauna Magazine 2023

Casey Neistat tries Hydrosight Skypool in Helsinki

WDR Local News Interview - 2023

Aquanale Bestseller - September 2021

11 Bestseller Hydrosight 2021 neu.pdf(191.81 kB)

Hotel und Sauna Magazin - September 2021

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Zwembaden, Saunas and Whirlpools 2015-2016

Piscine Oggi 2015-03

Here is the translation of the Italian text:

Hydrosight, a German company specializing in the development of transparent plastic applications, presents an innovative product capable of enhancing designer swimming pools thanks to the high quality of the materials used....

From portholes for industrial use in water treatment plants to glass walls for public and private swimming pools, Hydrosight is able to produce transparent surfaces in various shapes and sizes, depending on the customer's requirements, which can be applied to both vertical and horizontal walls, such as the bottom of the pool. The product comes from the know-how of a company that has been operating for more than 10 years in the market of public swimming pools and aquariums, but also works on architectural projects. The technical characteristics of this material make it

The technical characteristics of this material make it particularly suitable for safe and aesthetic use, enhancing the design of any swimming pool. The acrylic panels, equipped with a double seal, are dimensioned to withstand water pressure according to calculated and tested parameters. The quality of the material used guarantees that the transparency and color of the pane will remain unchanged over time, allowing for a 30-year warranty on the plexiglass. All Hydrosight products are designed to withstand impacts, water pressure and the aggressions of chemicals commonly used in swimming pool treatment, as well as the other materials used for installation [e.g. steel].