Hydrosight Project Presentation

Container Pool with Windows

Year: 2020-08-01
Tags of this Project: Germany, Container
Project Number: P7528

Hydrosight provides windows of all dimensions for swimming pools and other water bodies. Now we have developed an easy to implement system of integrating underwater windows into a container swimming pool. We benefit from the easy transportation of ISO containers, that makes it possible to seal the windows at our site. The greatest advantage is simplicity. You will not need to put your hands on this work yourself and can fully rely on our service and guarantee. That is especially important if the container will be moved and bends. Don't take the risk - call the experts!

But even it your production is far away from our workshop - there is always a solution. We have ready-to-install windows for your tank or even work with you on an individual solution. It is always worth a discussion what is best for you.

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